Black\White photocopying and printing


Quality,Cost Efficiency and Achievement


Copy-Mánia Ltd. operates office black and white copying and printing services with the heavy duty multi functional Ricoh Aficio types 2105 and 2075. These equipments provide a higher and even more professional level and as a priority  to the three characteristics of the above mentioned we follow up to this business value and try to achieve it as the most important aim.

We have both improved our equipments and changed pricing strategy due to today’s business expectations, hoping to meet higher business requirements and challenges on a professional level.


Our new business strategy of the above mentioned motto is based our value and price change. In  the sake of today’s environmental protection we are keen on using up the least paper amount, which is maximally applied in double side copying and printing.


Due to this, our prices are kept in the traditional zone, double side photocopying and printing are based/applied on cost efficiency,productivity and environment protection.


Looking forward to highlight our clients’ attention, we recommend  an up-to-date setup and cost efficient price zone with a higher level service and the following features:

With excellent quality:

  • Real 1200x1200 resolution for the sake of professional outcome

  • Applying the most updated RICOH photoprocessing

  • Perfect registration in the means of punctuality

  • RICOH RPCS printing presenting the perfect traditional format

  • Original Adobe PostScript printing for special needs

With more than sufficient achievement:

  • 105,75 and 60 A4 sheet per minute speed apparels both in printing and copying

  • 15000 A4 page per hour in case of urgent tasks/work

  • 75000 pages daily in the need of short deadline tasks

  • Online punching (2 or 4 holes in the case of standard mappas

  • Continuous booklet production in size A4 and A5

  • A variety of pinned settings (with 100 pages of cover and backpage)

With a wide range of media:

  • Standard B category office paper quality at basic price
  • A6 –A3+ size (maximum to 305x457mm paper size)
  • 60 grm2 – 280 grm2 COLORCOPY or OPTIMAGE on digital paper
  • A great variety of coloured paper (IQ COLOR in pastel, bright and trendy colors)
  • On recycled and environment protected paper on customer demmand