Dear Customers!

Let me introduce my enterprise, the Copy-Mánia Ltd.:

 Since our establishment the year 2004 we have been offering the following services: copying, printing and multiplying/duplicating, which are all guaranteed upon my 15 years' experience I have spent at Ricoh Service Hungary. Since 2005 we are waiting upon serving our clients in our Copying-Printing Shop in district VI. Podmaniczky str. 57.

Since then,to keep up with our modern life’s technology, the shop/saloon rather functions as Digital Press. For the past 6 years we have increased the standard/level of our office technology equipments with a continuous development for the mean of our clients’ sake.

We mainly have/use Ricoh digital appliances in the business, having the most up to date japanese technology both in traditional/standard black and white and colour office tasks as well as having engineering orders, engineering copying printing and scanning design/implementation

In the summer of 2010 we updated/modernized our engineering division from the EU’s tender to satisfy the increasing business needs. For  wide format  colour printing we use the newest CANON ink jet technology in the sake of perfect quality and durability. Furthermore, for the effective finishing methods we offer a great variety of binding systems.

With the continuous development of our marketing strategy and internet appearance, our main target/goal is to widen the present client’s number and to give a higher level of service. Have a great insight into  our wide range of services, also using the ’search’ button above you can easily find the required content or information you are interested in.

We are awaiting you to pop in our Digital Copy Shop and hope to greet you within our clients in a short time.

With kind regards,

Gyula Zoltán Kis

Copy-Mánia Ltd.

General Manager